Welcome To The Cathode Ray Choob

[Roll credits…]

Hello and a very warm welcome to The Cathode Ray Choob, a brand new blog that aims to celebrate the very best TV shows, past and present, and keep you up to date with current trends and events in telly-land.

This a fairly quiet time of year in terms of ongoing TV shows. In the US, for example, most shows are on their mid-season breaks (the ones that haven’t been cancelled, that is). And in the UK, the Autumn telly season has just wound up to clear the schedule for the Christmas and New Year specials, followed by the Winter season that begins in January.

So, the Cathode Ray Choob will use the festive lull to round up the current state of play in TV – which shows have been cancelled, which ones have a rosy future and which ones have their fate hanging in the balance.

In addition, look out for some Christmas presents from the Choob, especially for you – the first of many over the coming months and, who knows, years. We’ll hopefully have a few regular features to keep you entertained along with informed, so keep checking back for regular updates.

To quote Larry Sanders: No flipping!



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4 responses to “Welcome To The Cathode Ray Choob

  1. bobmitchellinthe21stcentury

    Thanks for plugging the blog buddy, I’ll do the same for you. I like the header image, looks good. All the best with the blogging!

  2. Cheers mate. I’ve already learned the first rule of blogging: don’t start a new blog two days before Xmas! Regular posting will begin tomorrow. Keep up the good work with your own blog – as a now-lapsed but for many years avid comics reader (still have a huge collection), it reminds me what I am missing. Thanks again!

  3. gumbo

    Best of luck with teh blog. It looks really good! Yet another thing to keep me from getting anything done when I should be working. Ho hum 😛

  4. Cheers mate! Happy to play my part in the decline of western civilisation…

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