Off The Air

As usual at this time of year, there was a flurry of activity in the run-up to the mid-season break in the US, with a number of new shows being axed, along with a few second-season casualties. Here’s a note of the main losers.

Pushing Daises:Quirky, surreal, dreamlike fantasy about a man who can bring dead people back to life with a touch but not without consequences. Former Brookside babe Anna Friel played the dead girlfriend he revives – but is unable to touch ever again because a second touch consigns those he revives to a final, permanent death. The first season was well-received and attracted decent ratings but was cut short (from 22 episodes to just nine) by the Hollywood writers’ strike earlier this year. Season two began in the Autumn in the US and the audience failed to return. Episode 13 will be the last. Three episodes are yet to air in the US.

My Own Worst Enemy: Christian Slater’s first foray into TV, in which he played a mild-mannered family man, who suddenly finds out that he shares his body with a second personality – who just happens to be a cold-blooded, killer super-spy. Reminiscent of JJ Abrams’ Alias. But much like the main character, the audience were left in two minds about whether to tune in and the show was axed after only nine episodes.

Knight Rider: The updated version of the 80’s classic had no Hoff and a new, Transformers-like KITT with Val Kilmer’s voice. Unfortunately, the storylines were just as corny as the original and despite an attempt at a mid-season revamp, NBC cut the season order from 22 to 17 episodes and then cancelled the show. Eight episodes have been broadcast. The remaining nine episodes are due to start airing on Wednesday December 31, with the show driving into the sunset on February 25.

Eli Stone: Jonny Lee Miller stars as an attorney who has visions of impending doom. The currently-airing second season of 13 episodes will be the last.

Dirty, Sexy Money: Starring Six Feet Under’s Peter Krause as a lawyer working for a troubled, eccentric, rich family in New York. Will end after its currently-airing 13-episode second season.

Lipstick Jungle:Another show based on work from Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell, also about female friends living in New York. Show will end after episode 10 of season two. The final two episodes are due to air in January.

The Ex-List:A 30-something woman is told by a fortune teller that she has already dated her soul-mate and that if she doesn’t find him again within a year, she’ll be alone forever. The fortune teller forgot to mention that the show would be pulled from the schedules after just four episodes. Nine episodes remain unaired.

Valentine:Greek Gods live in modern-day LA, where they help lonely individuals find true love. There wasn’t much love for the show, however, and it was axed after just four episodes. Four remain unaired.

Easy Money: Comedy drama about a family of loan sharks. Cancelled after four episodes. Four remain unaired.

Do Not Disturb: A truly dire sitcom set in a hotel – it was put out of our misery after only three episodes.

In addition, the following longer-running shows will also be taking their farewell bows after the current seasons end:

ER (after 15 seasons)
Boston Legal (after 5 seasons)

Battlestar Galactica (after 4 seasons; spin-off prequel show Caprica has been given the green light and is expected to air in 2010)
King of the Hill (after 13 seasons)
The L Word (after 6 seasons)
Late Night With Conan O’Brien (after 16 seasons)
MADtv (after 14 seasons)
The Shield (recently finished its 7th and final season)
Stargate Atlantis (after 5 seasons)

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