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The Best Star Trek Trailer Yet!

Nuff said!

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It’s Classic Clip Friday: Fawlty Towers – The Germans

Take one snobbish, xenophobic, neurotic hotel owner. Drop a stuffed moose on his head. Then add a few German tourists.

Welcome to Fawlty Towers, where there is never an armistice.

This is probably the single best scene – certainly the best-known – in all of Fawlty Towers (though there are plenty to choose from). That said, overall, I don’t think The Germans is the best episode.

My personal favourites are:

Communication Problems: In which Basil is confronted by the selectively deaf Mrs Richards, a guest just as unreasonable as he is.

The Hotel Inspectors: In which Basil mistakes a salesman (played by Bernard Cribbens) for a hotel inspector.

The Waldorf Salad: In which an American guest refuses to take any crap after Basil messes up his dinner order.

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A Word From Our Sponsors… Kia-Ora – It’s Too Orangey For Crows

Time has failed to dilute this slice of 1980s orangey goodness.

Slightly odd animation and a very catchy tune. What transgression did the crows commit to be denied the overly-orange amber nectar? Why is the dog so favoured as to be custodian of the Kia-Ora bottle. And isn’t it a tad unhygenic to have a dog living in your hat? And would it all be deemed too politically incorrect these days?

Questions to ponder as you watch:

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Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day – Danger Mouse

He’s the greatest! He’s fantastic! He’s the greatest secret agent in the world!

And he’s a mouse.

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Further Reading: Lost and Battlestar Galactica

Now that most people on both sides of the Atlantic have seen the start of the latest runs of Lost and Battlestar Galactica, the Choob is here to help anyone, like me, who may be confused about some of the latest twists and turns – or who simply wants some hints about what lies ahead for the rest of the seasons.

The stars, writers and producers of both shows have been doing the rounds in the run-up to the new episodes and their aftermath, with lots of juicy insider info and clues about what the future may hold (or not).

The BSG creators have also been dropping hints about what we can look forward to in Caprica, the prequel show set 50 years before the events of Battlestar Galactica, charting the creation of the Cylons (due to begin early next year) and the second Galactica TV movie The Plan, directed by BSG star Edward James Olmos, which will reveal more about the plan the Cylons were said to be following in early season os the TV show.

It goes without saying that, unless otherwise noted, the following links take you to interviews and articles that contain spoilers about the first two episodes of season five of Lost (which aired last Wednesday in the US and tonight in the UK) or the first episode of season 4.5 of Battlestar Galactica (which aired in the UK last Tuesday, January 20, and in the US on January 16).


Are The Dead Really Dead?

The Scoop On Lost Season Five (creators Lindelof and Cuse drop big hints)

Lost’s Ben Says The New Season Changes Everything

Lost Redux: Who Won’t Survive Another Week?

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) Q & A

Lost Writers Reveal The Premier Secrets You Missed!

Burning Season 5 Questions

Discussion/Q&A about the two-hour season premiere

Links to more features and interviews

Battlestar Galactica

Edward James Olmos Admiral Adama) On Shocking Revelations And What’s Next (video interview)

Creator/Producer Ron Moore Talks About episode 4.11 (airdate: January 16th (US)/20th (UK))

Creator/Producer Ron Moore Talks About episode 4.12 (airdate: January 23rd/27th)

Caprica and The Plan (no major spoilers)

Creator/producer Ron Moore talks about Caprica

How Caprica Differs From Battlestar And How It Is The Same

BSG Veterans Move On To Caprica

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George Clooney Photographed On Set Of E.R.

Courtesy of E! Online comes this photo of George Clooney back in Doug Ross’s scrubs, as he returns to County General one last time.

Also, if the thought of the NBC show’s demise (the current season, the 15th, is the last) fills you with despair, then this report may offer you some sliver of hope.

In it, executive producer John Wells says that rival network ABC has expressed an interest in picking up the show and continuing it.

However, I wouldn’t hold your breath. TV shows do occasionally switch networks but it is very rare – and even Wells admits that it would be a long shot for ER.

The final episodes of ER, with a host of past characters returning to say goodbye including Mark Greene, John Carter and Peter Benton, air in April.

See also: ER Not Going To The Morgue As Soon As You Think and George Clooney Scrubs Up For ER Farewell.

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Pilot Watch: Witches, AbFab, Trauma, Mercy, Tick Tock

Here’s a quick round up of the latest pilots to get the go-ahead in the States.


Trauma: No doubt with one eye on finding a replacement for ER, the network is considering this drama set in the  the high-energy world of medical emergencies out in the field.

Mercy: Written by Liz Heldens, the show is a medical drama that follows the highs and lows of the lives of three close friends who are nurses.
Heldens writing credits include three seasons on NBC’s Friday Night Lights.


The Witches Of Eastwick:  Light fantasy based on the John Updike novel, and the 1987 movie, about three women who develop supernatural powers after a mysterious man arrives in their their small town.
It’s the second attempt at a small-screen version of the story – a pilot was shot for Fox in 2002, starring future Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross, but never became a series.


Absolutely Fabulous: An American version of the rude ‘n’ crude 90s British sitcom about the boozy excesses of shallow, selfish fashion publicist Edina (Jennifer Saunders) and equally narcissistic magazine editor Patsy (Joanna Lumley), much to the disgust of Edina’s disapproving, straight-laced daughter, Saffron (Julia Sawalha).
Saunders created, wrote and starred in the original and is an is an executive producer on the US version. Former Saturday Night Live and Third Rock From the Sun writer Christine Zander will provide the script, which will set the show in Los Angeles.
AbFab ran for 36 episodes in the UK and is a cult hit in the States. Given the tendency of American remakes of foreign shows (Kath & Kim, for example) to make brash characters more likable and sympathetic and to lose the more grotesque aspects (the original Edina and Patsy were exceptionally grotesque and unsympathetic), it’s questionable how faithful the US version will be to the original.


Tick Tock: Comedy about a thirtysomething single mother who decides to focus her attention on finding true love.

See Also: High-Flying Fox Orders Seven New Pilots and Networks Fly Into A Pilot Frenzy.

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