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Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day – The Middleman

This week’s classic theme tune is short but sweet – just 20 seconds of a catchy retro tune and classy visuals that channel the spirit of 1960s classic The Avengers through a 21st-century, post-modern prism.

(High quality version here.)

Yes, it’s The Middleman, the best new show of 2008.

Razor-sharp dialogue, clever plots paying homage to a host of classic movies, TV shows, novels and comics (complete with enough in-jokes and references to please the most demanding geek), classy production values (albeit on an all-too-evident tight budget) and spirited, playful performances marked this quirky show out as a cut above the rest.

Created by Javier Grillo-Marxuach (whose writing credits include Medium and several early episodes of Lost) – based on his comic book of the same name – the show is currently in limbo. Although not officially cancelled, chances of a second season seem slim – however the show has rated highly on many, many end-of year “Best of 2008” lists in the last few weeks, so you never know… Keep an eye on the Middleblog for news.

The Middleman… Fighting evil, so you don’t have to.

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