No More Heroes Anymore..?

E! Online is reporting that one of the main stars of Heroes wants out of his or her contract when the third season ends, partly due to a lack of screen time.

The identity of the disgruntled actor was not revealed but he or she has, according to the report, a regular who has been in the show since season one and is one of the more recognisable names in the cast.

Apparently NBC is not inclined to let the actor out his or her contract. However it is already common knowledge that a high-profile death is planned by the end of the current season and the report suggests this could kill off the character in question for good – but it adds that there is also an easy way to bring the actor back for season four if required.

Putting all the clues together, the Choob reckons that the most likely candidate is Ali Larter’s underused Tracy Strauss. We already know that she had one identical sister (Nikki/Jessica Saunders) – so who knows how many other siblings (or dare I suggest, clones) exist? Time will tell.

Who do you think the disgruntled hero is? Leave a comment and share your theories.


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