David & Maddie – Twice In A Blue Moon?

Rumours have resurfaced of a Moonlighting reunion for Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis.

It’s a little depressing and disturbing for the Choob to realise, now and again,  just how long ago it was that some of his favourite shows aired – even though he still thinks of them as being quite recent.

It’s so traumatic, it sometimes causes him to repeatedly refer to himself in the third person…

Ahem. Anyway, Moonlighting is one of my all-time favourites. The entire series was released recently on DVD and I have been rewatching it over the past few months. It’s the first time I have seen it since the original 1980s BBC broadcasts in the UK.

And it was quite a shock to be confronted the fact that it has been 24 years (think about it – nearly quarter of a century!) since Maddie Hayes and David Addison, possibly TV’s greatest fictional couple (yes, even better than Sam and Diane), lit up our screens with their first sexual tension-fuelled argument.

The show debuted in 1984 and ran for five seasons. In truth, the show went out with more of a whimper than a bang – after three brilliant seasons that genuinely broke new ground in TV comedy-drama, seasons four and five suffered due to, among other things, a Hollywood writers’ strike and Cybill Shepherd’s difficult pregnancy, which forced the writers to keep her and Bruce Willis apart for most of the fourth season, stifling the pair’s electric on-screen chemistry, which was undoubtedly the show’s greatest strength.

In any case, 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the show’s final episode and, lo and behold, “sources” are whispering about a possible TV movie reunion.

Normally, such rumours should be taken with a very large pinch of salt but, while I certainly won’t be holding my breath on this one, there are several mitigating factors that could point to this being more than just a hopeless dream.

The show’s creator Glenn Gordon Caron is still active and popular in the TV schedules – quirky supernatural drama Medium being his current hit show.

More importantly, there appears to be genuine affection for Caron and, indeed Moonlighting, on the part of both leads. And, despite all the well-publicised stories of friction on the set between Shepherd and Willis 20 years ago , they both seem to have buried any hatchets they may have had trained on each other back in the day.

In fact, for the season three DVD release a couple of years ago, Caron got both his stars back in a studio together for the first time since the show ended, for an interview included as a DVD extra plus a commentary track on the renowned Atomic Shakespeare episode (a spoof of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew).

Around that time, while promoting the DVD release, there were murmurings that the pair’s get-together had gone so well, there was talk of a Moonlighting reunion project. That was back in early 2006, however, and it’s been quiet since.

Now, though, if Variety is to be believed, not only is Caron pushing the project but Willis – who, let’s face it, needs neither the work nor the money – is up for it. His affection for the show that made his name – and his pride in the quality of the early seasons – is clear to anyone who heard him talk in the DVD extras, so it’s plausible he’d be happy to return to the character.

As for Shepherd, she too has talked – on the DVDs and in other interviews – about how although at the time she struggled to control her temper and admits could be hard to work with (in part due to the gruelling schedule of what was a very tough show to make), in hindsight, she realises how special it was to be part of such a wonderful show and she has stated she wishes she had taken a step back and enjoyed it more.

Of course, even IF Willis and Shepherd are both interested, there are all sorts of logistical reasons why a Moonlighting reunion might never get off the ground… but, you know what, I’d keep my eye on this one because maybe, just maybe, it’s got a better chance than you might think.

If so, keep an eye out for the Choob’s blog entry (I’ll probably be beamed straight into your brain in full 3D Smellyvision by then – I’ll have a shower first, don’t worry) 24 years later moaning about how another quarter of a century has passed since the Moonlighting reunion, despite me thinking of it as such a recent event…



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