No Escape For Prison Break This Time…

As predicted by the Choob in this post right here (and, to be fair, most TV pundits), Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows won’t be on the run for much longer.

Digital Spy reports that it has been confirmed by network chiefs at Fox that the current, fourth, season of Prison Break will be the last.

It’s no great surprise, since viewing figures in the US had slumped from the season one average of 12.1million to an average of just 6.1million this season.

Individual episodes were pulling in as few as 5million viewers.

Sixteen episodes of season four have already aired in the US – the remaining six (not four as the Digital Spy article states) will air in the US from April 17, with the show moving from its prime Monday-night slot to Friday night, regarded in the US as the “death slot” – particularly for Fox shows – due to the low ratings shows broadcast on that night usually attract.

As the Choob’s previous Prison Break post mentioned, the cast have reportedly been asked to make themselves available for two additional episodes, which could be used to wrap up the plot’s loose ends. Fox bosses have yet to confirm this, saying only that they are “contemplating” this.

To be fair, the show was so high concept that after the brilliantly bonkers first season, it was always going to struggle to keep the story going in an audience-friendly way.

Successive seasons made a good fist of trying to keep things moving but, sadly, the plots got weaker year by year and the show has been gradually going from being stupid but fun to just plain stupid. So the Choob reckons giving the show a good send off with a proper conclusion is the best option, while we can still remember how good the show was at its best.



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