Mad Men Creator Is Back At His Desk

Fans of Mad Men (and if that doesn’t include you, it should, because it is the best show currently on TV) can breathe easy.

Mad Men creator, producer and main writer Matthew Weiner has signed a new deal that will keep him in charge of the show for at least two more seasons.

There was never any doubt that the show would return later this year for a third season – but with all the critical acclaim and awards the show has won, Weiner (previously a writer and producer on The Sopranos) had been playing hardball with the show’s makers Lionsgate TV as he negotiated a pay rise for himself and a budget boost for the show.

The negotiations have dragged on for months and there were fears that the show would continue under a new showrunner if his demands could not be met.

All’s well that ends well, however, and Variety reports an agreement has been reached. Production on season 3 is expected to begin soon and season three is likely to start aring in July.

 Weiner has previously said that his plan is for the show to run for five seasons, covering 10 years in the lives of the characters.


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