A Word From Our Sponsors… McCain Chips – Or Dad?

This week’s classic commercial needs little introduction – suffice it to say that it addresses a classic conundrum that has occupied the finest intellects throughout the ages.

(For the benefit our international readers, chips are what we in the UK call French fries.)



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2 responses to “A Word From Our Sponsors… McCain Chips – Or Dad?

  1. L Benson

    This is a classic?
    The McCain ads are bloody cliched rubbish down here and now I know where they come from…total tosh my friend I’m sorry to say.
    Hope the rest of your meanderings are a bit better than this poor offering.

    Cheers chump, sorry… choop.


  2. Oh dear. Did someone have an unfortunate experience with an oven chip at some time in their past? πŸ™‚

    Seriously, sorry you did not like this one. Perhaps the previous Words From Our Sponsors entries are more to your taste? They are certainly more artistic and “worthy” than this one.

    But you know, the Choob may seem like a jaded, cynical, world-weary old hack. And he is. But even he, just once in a while likes is amused by something a little simple, cute and heartwarming that makes you go “aaaaahhhh”, cliched or not.

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you like some of the other stuff here and I’m always open to requests if there’s anything you’d like to suggest for future inclusion.

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