Doctor Who: New Companions Named

David Tennant’s co-stars in the first of this year’s four special Doctor Who episodes, due to air at Easter, have been revealed.

He’ll be joined by former EastEnders actress Michelle Ryan and comedian Lee Evans.

Ryan,24, played Zoe Slater in the BBC soap from 2000-2005. More recently, she played the title role in 2007’s Bionic Woman remake in the US. The show flopped and was cancelled after just eight episodes.

She already has a couple of Doctor Who connection – she also appeared in the 2007 BBC drama Jekyll, a contemporary take on the Jekyll and Hyde story written by Doctor Who scripter Steven Moffat, who will also take over the running of the show when Russell T Davies departs at the end of this year.

Ryan also auditioned for the role of the Doctor’s new companion when Billie Piper left the show in 2006 but lost out to Freema Agyeman.

She will play the mysterious Lady Christina de Souzain the Easter episode, entitled Planet of the Dead.

Ryan said: “I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who and very excited to be joining David Tennant and the Doctor Who team.”

Evans will play a character called Malcolm, whose life becomes connected to the Doctor’s under extraordinary circumstances.

It has already been stated that The Doctor will have different companions/co-stars for each of this year’s special episodes, with a new permanent companion not joining the show until Matt Smith takes over the role from Tennant next year.

There had been rumours over the past week or so that Ryan was in talks for the permanent role alongside Smith. Whether her part in the Easter show precludes a more permanent role remains to be seen – but it is worth remembering that Catherine Tate played Donna Noble in the one-off, 2006 Doctor Who Christmas special then returned in the role to accompany Tennant throughout the entire 2008 season.


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