George Clooney Photographed On Set Of E.R.

Courtesy of E! Online comes this photo of George Clooney back in Doug Ross’s scrubs, as he returns to County General one last time.

Also, if the thought of the NBC show’s demise (the current season, the 15th, is the last) fills you with despair, then this report may offer you some sliver of hope.

In it, executive producer John Wells says that rival network ABC has expressed an interest in picking up the show and continuing it.

However, I wouldn’t hold your breath. TV shows do occasionally switch networks but it is very rare – and even Wells admits that it would be a long shot for ER.

The final episodes of ER, with a host of past characters returning to say goodbye including Mark Greene, John Carter and Peter Benton, air in April.

See also: ER Not Going To The Morgue As Soon As You Think and George Clooney Scrubs Up For ER Farewell.

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