A Little Overtime At The Office And Some Extra Heroes

In an interesting development from NBC, TV seasons are getting longer. Well, for a select few shows.

In an age were it’s rare for US shows to have more than 22 episodes per season, the network has announced that the currently-airing fifth season of The Office will run to 29 episodes this season – or possibly 30 depending on how you read the press release, which states the order as 29 half-hours, with a one-hour season finale on May 14.

Whether the finale counts as two of the 29 half hours or adds one half-hour, is unclear. In any case, more of The Office can only be a good thing, although the Choob does note that this season has been a bit sluggish and slightly underwhelming compared to previous seasons. Hopefully it will pick up when it returns with a one-hour special after The Superbowl tonight.

Meanwhile, Heroes, despite the ratings slump, will air 26 episodes in all this season and network chiefs have publicly stated that the show is safe for at least next season also.

And My Name Is Earl fans can look forward to 26 episodes this season.




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