If Only They’d Had iPhones On The 12 Colonies

Think of all the trouble that Battlestar Galactica commander Admiral Adama and co could have avoided if only they’d had a handy little electronic gizmo that could test whether someone was a Cylon or not.

Well, they didn’t and look what happened.

It doesn’t have to be that way for us though. Do you ever look across the desk at your co-workers and wonder how they can possibly be human, when all the evidence points to them being evil, cold-blooded cyborg killing machines, hiding in plain sight in human form, biding their time, waiting to wipe out humanity? You know, Cylons! Frakkin’ toasters!

The Choob certainly does, several dozen times each day…

We need wonder no more! The iTunes store has a new application that transforms your iPhone into a Cylon detector. Simply take a photo of the social deviant you suspect of being a killer robot and, a few seconds later, it will tell you whether they are man or machine. Or, y’know, woman.

All for just $1.99 (or £1.19 in real money). Bargain!

Unfortunately, the Choob isn’t nearly technologically advanced enough to have an iPhone (don’t let the blogging and tweeting fool you – I am so so amazingly primitive that I still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea), so haven’t had a chance to try out the Cylon detector myself – but if anyone out there wants to buy me one, I have a long list of people I’d like to test.


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