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Top Of The Pops Thursday: Half Man Half Biscuit

This week, a short set featuring some satirical, post-punk social commentary from Birkenhead‘s own Half Man Half Biscuit.

First up, performing All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit on The Old Grey Whistle Test test in 1986:

For the benefit of non-UK viewers who may be baffled by some of the contemporary references to 1980s Britain in the song, this might help.

Next up, The Trumpton Riots, also from the 1986 Whistle Test performance:

Again, for non-UK viewers, this song was inspired by the kids’ TV shows Trumpton, Chigley and Camberwick Green. This page (scroll to the second song from the bottom) may help with some of the references.

Next, a concert recording, also from 1986, of Architecture, Morality, Ted and Alice:

This page will also help you with some of the references in this song (it’s listed about half-way down).

And finally, a bonus track – the promo video for the single Dickie Davies Eyes:

Dickie Davies is a (now semi-retired) TV presenter who fronted ITV’s World Of Sport for 17 years. And here is your handy guide to all the other references this song.

Hope you enjoyed these. Despite the occasional split and line-up changes, Half Man Half Biscuit are still going strong 25 years after they first got together. Here’s their official website if you want more info.


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