TV Newsround: When’s My Favourite Show Coming Back – And More!

The second season of In Plain Sight and the Law & Order: Criminal Intent will both return to the USA network on Sunday April 19th

In Plain Sight, which stars Mary McCormack as a US Marshal working in the witness relocation unit, is back for a 16-episode second season.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent ‘s eighth season sees Jeff Goldblum join the cast as a detective born and bred in Manhattan’s upper west side.

The World Poker Tour has agreed a new one-year deal with Fox Sports Net, who took over the show last season.

The season will include 26 one-hour episodes, with filming due to start in a few months.

Perhaps with one eye on the buzz being generated by the much-anticipated live-action Marvel Comics Avengers movie, the Cartoon Network has ordered 26 episodes of Marvel Super Hero Squad. The team in the animated adventure will feature Captain America, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man, several of whom are also lined up to appear in the live-action movie currently in pre-production. The half-hour show is expected to premiere later this year.


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