Top Of The Pops Thursday: Muse

Something a little more up to date this week, courtesy of Muse, probably my favourite currently active band.

I could list dozens of their songs here (and no doubt we shall return to them in future TOTP Thursdays) but for now I’ll limit my choice to a couple of their loudest, rockiest, most bombastic offerings.


First up Stockholm Syndrome, from the album Absolution, the closing number from their headlining performance at Glastonbury, 2004:

And second, my favourite Muse song, Knights Of Cydonia (from the album Black Holes And Revelations) – which I like to think of as the illegitimate love child of Ennio Morricone and Iron Maiden. This performance is from the BBC’s Later With Jools Holland in 2006:

You can see high-quality versions of both videos on YouTube by clicking the video while it is playing and then selecting Watch In High Quality.

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