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It’s Classic Clip Friday: WKRP In Cincinnati – Turkey Drop

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A couple of weeks ago on Classic Clip Friday, we featured Jim’s driving test scene from 70s US sitcom Taxi.

This week’s classic clip comes from one of Taxi’s contemporary comedies, but one that is even less well-remembered and more under-appreciated by modern audiences – WKRP In Cincinnati.

Yet the show, about a struggling radio station, featured some great characters, including Howard Hesseman‘s Dr. Johnny Fever (he wasn’t a real doctor…) and Les Nessman (Richard Sanders), a somewhat less than worldly-wise news reporter, whose serious, professional demeanour belied the fact that he was utterly useless.

Les gave us the show’s single best, most-memorable scene. To set it up, you should know that the station manager, Arthur Carlson (Gordon Jump) had decided to organise a special Thanksgiving promotion to try and boost the radio station’s profile, but hadn’t told anyone what it was – just that he needed 20 live turkeys.

(Incidentally, check out this post for a few more classic TV show Thanksgiving clips.)

Les is sent to a shopping mall to cover the event:

“Oh the humanity!”

A brilliant performance by Sanders, parodying Herbert Morrison’s famous coverage of the Hindenburg disaster.


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