Doctor Who: A New Tardis And Latest Pics From The Set

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UPDATE: MARCH 30, 2010 – Click here for the first official photos of the new TARDIS interior!

UPDATE: MARCH 19, 2010 – Click here to see Inside Doctor Who’s New TARDIS.

UPDATE: JULY 20, 2009 – Click here to see the first photos of the new TARDIS, taken on the first day of filming for season five.


The tabloid rumour mill is grinding away at Doctor Who again (see here for lots of earlier rumour-mongering).

This time, they are suggesting that Matt Smith will have a brand new Tardis interior when he takes over the role.

This rumour is, it has to be said, actually quite credible, even though it is, as always, attributed to an unnamed production “source”.

Why? Well, first of all, it gives new showrunner Steven Moffat, another, highly visible, way to stamp his individual style and authority on the show, distinguishing it from the Russell T Davies years.

It also gives the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, a fresh start as he tries to win over the fans who will be mourning the departure of the extremely popular David Tennant.

But perhaps most importantly, from the producers’ point of view, Doctor Who is going high-definition. And on HDTV, every little set defect shows up and sticks out like a sore thumb.

The current Tardis interior, which I confess I’ve never been a fan of, looks like a down-and-dirty, organic/steampunk hybrid creation held together by sticky tape – but on HD it could look like a shoddy mess and one, no doubt, showing signs of the wear and tear it has endured over five years of filming.

Talking about the new version, the source says: “It will be the most hi-tech, intricate Tardis ever.”

This sounds like it may be a return to the style of Tardis interior seen back during the show’s original run, albeit I’m sure they’ll give it a more up-to-date, modern twist.

Even in the show’s original run, the producers would regularly update the look of the Tardis interior (several version of which you can see in this post), albeit never – until the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie – straying far from the gleeming white interior and hexagonal console with a red light in the centre which moved up and down as the Tardis travelled through time and space.

The show’s source adds that the Tardis exterior will also get a facelift to make it look better in HD. This is a more problematic prospect, since surely the exterior of the Tardis is supposed to look like a beat-up old 1950s police box, the form it has been stuck in since its chameleon circuit (which should allow it to change shape to blend into the surroundings wherever it lands) broke down.

Still, if it’s true, it should be interesting to see the new look, which should leak out later in the year when filming starts on season five.

Meanwhile, SFX magazine has some early photos from the set of the second of this year’s Doctor Who specials which, as I reported here will feature Lindsey Duncan as the Doctor’s companion.


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