What If… Watchmen Was A 1980s Saturday-Morning Cartoon?

As a long-time comics reader/collector (albeit a mostly lapsed one these days), I couldn’t let the release of the Watchmen movie pass uncelebrated by The Cathode Ray Choob.

I started collecting American comics in 1986, just as Watchmen, by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons, and Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns were being released – redefining superhero comics, and the artform as a whole, in the process.

I whiled away many happy hours browsing in AKA Books and Comics in Glasgow’s Virginia Galleries (don’t look for it, it’s not there anymore) and spent a fair chunk of my student grant in the shop (anyone out there know what happened to the guys who ran AKA before it became A1 Comics? From hazy memories, their names were John and Steve and Pete – very friendly and helpful guys).

But I digress. More than two decades later, the “unfilmable” has been filmed and the Watchmen movie went on general release last Friday.

But just imagine that, instead of having to wait 23 years for a proper, grown-up film adaptation, Watchmen had instead been turned into a formulaic 1980s Saturday-morning kids’ cartoon series.

Well, imagine no more. Amateur animator Harry Partridge has done just that – complete with a talking, Scooby Doo-like Bubastis. Or at least, he’s created a brilliantly kitsch and camp – and uncannily authentic-looking – glimpse of what such a show’s opening titles and theme tune might have been like, and how the dark, brooding characters might have been “kidified”.. Truly impressive stuff.

Alan Moore declined to comment…



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4 responses to “What If… Watchmen Was A 1980s Saturday-Morning Cartoon?

  1. Andrew Hope

    Hey! I worked at AKA Books & Comics when you would have shopped there. I worked there from September 88 – February 91, when I moved to the US.

  2. Hi Andrew! Yes, that was my AKA hey-day. Did you work in the Virginia Galleries shop or when they moved to the Trongate? Or both?

    I started shopping there in 1986 (first year at Strathclyde Uni) and kept an order there (and at A1 comics when the shop changed hands and name) until around 1997, including for two years when I was living in Reading!

    I probably still would have an order there, in fact, if only the staff of A1 hadn’t screwed me over one month by selling off my order cos I hadn’t been in for five or six weeks.

    I had just bought a house at the time and so decided to put a temporary hold on comics for a couple of months before reinstating my order elsewhere – I’ve still not done it!

    Like I said, I often wonder what happened to John and Steve and Pete (if I am remembering their names right) who seemed to be AKA’s owners/bosses. Any idea?

    If I remember right, one or more of them were also the publishers of John Wagner, Alan Grant and Robin Smith’s comic book The Bogie Man. Actually, just looked the comic up on Wikipedia and John was, of course, John McShane.

    Anyway thanks for saying hello!

  3. John Gerard Keeley

    I used to shop in AKA @ virginia galleries back in the day,
    my standing order number was #153
    (my god i’m surprised i still remember that :O lol)
    I’m ashamed to say that i stopped going once they moved to Parnie Street,
    i guess it lost it’s atmoshere
    (kinda like it’s location was a hidden secret that only the select few knew of) lol
    John McShane, Pete Root & Steve Montgomery were great guys,
    I’m the bearer of bad news that Pete passed away in the summer of 2007.

  4. Thanks for the info John, and sorry to hear that Pete’s no longer with us.

    You remembering your order number… that got me thinking. I _think_ my number was 287. Not 100 per cent sure but that rings a bell. I’m sure I have a business card from them in an old wallet in a drawer somewhere with the number written on the back. I also fondly remember getting a specially-drawn Christmas card (drawn by one of their pro artist chums) every year from AKA while I had an order there!

    Happy days…

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