In My Day, Videogames Were REALLY Hard…

Now, I’m not saying that getting through Halo 3 on “legendary” difficulty is easy, but compared to some of the games from the old 8-bit and 16-bit days, it’s a piece of cake (and “the cake is a lie”).

Back then, save games were a pipe dream and sudden, unexpected, unexplained and often plain illogical death was lurking round every corner, forcing you to restart the whole game from the start.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this recently rediscovered footage from an unreleased NES game called Hitler’s Revenge. From the YouTube description:

“This game may have been kept off of store shelves due to its controversial title, Hitler’s Revenge. However, unlike Bionic Commando, Hitler isn’t actually IN this game. It may just be a simple translation error which was common in the mid-80s.

“I believe the most likely reason for the game’s demise is its intense difficulty that makes Ghosts ‘n Goblins look like a walk in the park. I’ve heard that this game is so hard, the programmers didn’t even bother adding a second level.”

Check it out… and don’t let me hear you moaning when a Covenant sniper takes you out from behind ever again!

Once you’ve watched the footage, find out the full story behind it HERE.


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