A Word From Our Sponsors… Milky Way Plays The Race Card

Let us return now to a simpler time, when adverts for fat-laden fast food and sugar-caked confectionery could target children with impunity.

There can’t be many better ways to get inside impressionable young minds than with a cool cartoon and a catchy song.

And they don’t come much cooler, cartoonier or catchier than this week’s classic ad – Milky Way’s 1989 effort, The Red Car And The Blue Car Had A Race…

[For the benefit of US readers, I should point out that we are talking here about the European version of the Milky Way, which is similar to the 3 Musketeers bar that is sold in America. The chocolate bar the Americans call a Milky Way is more like the European Mars Bar.]

Now, the Choob’s not adverse to the odd sweet treat (or three) – but Milky Way’s adverts were always triumphs of marketing spin, twisting the truth to make them appear more healthy than they really are.

This is most evident in the old sloganThe sweet you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite.

No mention of what the the high sugar and fat content will do to you, though. They are proud of the fact that you can eat a Milky Way and get so little nutritional satisfaction out of it, you can then go on an eat a full meal, undaunted.

The advert goes one better. It almost seems to suggest that the Milky Way is a health food – eat it and you too can win races and jump further.

That all said, this IS a very entertaining and well-made ad, with some top quality traditional animation of the type we rarely see anymore.

And Milky Ways are quite tasty, when all’s said and done.


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