It’s Classic Clip Friday: Dad’s Army – Don’t Tell Him…

This week’s (tardy) Classic Clip is one of the finest moments from one of the all-time great British sitcoms.

Dad’s Army featured a cast of wonderfully eccentric, (mostly) elderly British character actors playing the members of a World War Two Home Guard platoon filled with eccentric, (mostly) elderly recruits devoted to their duty to keep the home country safe, while the younger men are off fighting abroad – even if their abilities do not always match their courage, patriotism and determination.

The series ran for 10 years, 80 episodes, from 1968 until 1977. The quality of the writing, by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, and characterisation throughout was matched only by the brilliant performances, creating an ensemble cast the likes of which is yet to be matched and likely never will be.

This is probably the show’s best-known scene. Having finally got their hands on some German prisoners of war, Captain Mainwaring and his men discover that guarding them is not quite as easy as they thought…

And as a bonus to make up for the late appearance of this week’s classic clip, here is what happened when Ian Lavender, who played Private Pike in Dad’s Army, appeared on a Christmas 2008 edition of the Celebrity Mastermind quiz show, alongside musician Rick Wakeman


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