A Word From Our Sponsors… Castlemaine XXXX

Aussies and beer. A match made in advertising agency heaven.

But before we get to this week’s adverts, a slight digression…

In one of their live stage shows, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones did one of those head-to-head comedy routines they were famous for – where Jones plays the really thick one and Smith is the only slightly less thick one –  and they are talking about what booze they like.

Mel says to Griff: “Oh, of course, you drink that Holsten Pils, doncha?” (Jones was appearing in a series of TV ads for brewers Holsten at the time.)

There is a pause and then Griff says: “No, I can’t stand the bloody stuff. No, I drink that Australian beer, wotsit called… Castlemaine X… X… X… um…”

There’s another pause as Griff tries to remember and Mel eventually jumps in with: “X! Castlemaine Four-X!”

Griff: “Yeah, that’s it… so, er, why do they call it Four-X?”

Mel: “Well, it’s ‘cos Australians can’t spell ‘beer’.”

On which note, here are a couple of the funniest Castlemaine XXXX adverts broadcast in the UK in the late 80s.


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