It’s Classic Clip Friday: Twin Peaks – Albert Rosenfield Makes An Impact

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David Lynch and Mark Frost‘s televisual masterpiece Twin Peaks is one of the Choob’s all-time top-three TV shows.

In terms of sheer daring, off-the-wall inventiveness and a refreshingly willful refusal to conform to the conventions of prime-time network drama, it’s yet to be matched and likely will never be surpassed. I still live in hope that, some day, Lynch will return to that strange town and give us a proper conclusion to the cliffhanger the series left us with.

The show was full of fascinating characters, ranging from the quirky (Deputy Andy) to the iconic (Special Agent Dale Cooper) to the plain bonkers (the Log Lady).

But my favourite character in Twin Peaks was the fantastic Albert Rosenfield (played brilliantly by Miguel Ferrer, right)), a n FBI forensics expert who, Agent Cooper points out, is a genius but “lacking in some of the social niceties”.

Albert’s arrival at the Twin Peaks’ sheriff’s office proves that warning to be a rare example of an under-statement by Cooper, when he mentions that Albert is “lacking in the social niceties…”:

Things go from bad to worse when Albert tries to examine Laura Palmer’s body:

In the aftermath of that confrontation, Albert gets to deliver the single best speech in the whole of Twin Peaks, pointing out that he is a “nay-sayer and hatchet-man in the fight against violence”:

Albert Rosenfield, the Choob salutes you. Your path was a strange and difficult one…



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5 responses to “It’s Classic Clip Friday: Twin Peaks – Albert Rosenfield Makes An Impact

  1. Albert always was a great character. Every word delivered from that central core where you know inside was a black hole filled with strange and wonderful things. Thanks for bringing these back to mind. 🙂

  2. Yeah, Albert was one of the best-ever TV characters, without a doubt. Glad you liked him too and enjoyed the clips.

    Thanks for the comment and for dropping by. Don’t be a stranger!

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