Video Killed The Radio Star: Weezer – Buddy Holly

This week’s video is Buddy Holly, from California rockers Weezer.

It was the second single from their debut album and was released on September 7 1994, the day that would have been Buddy Holly‘s 58th birthday.

The excellent, TV geek-friendly video was directed by prolific music video director Spike Jonze, who went on to direct movies such as Being John Malkovich, Adaptation and the forthcoming Where the Wild Things Are.

It features new footage of the band performing at Arnold’s Drive-In diner from the hit 1970s sitcom Happy Days (which was, of course set in the 1950s) intercut with archive footage of all the main characters from the show, including The Fonz and Richie  Cunningham. It also features a specially-filmed cameo from Happy Days cast member Al Marinaro, who played Arnolds’ owner Al Delvecchio, introducing the band.

The video works so well, I think, because Jonze doesn’t try to be too showy in the integration of the old and new footage. There are no dodgy special effects that try to insert the band into the archive clips, just some clever editing between the film of the band – shot on a very authentic-looking recreation of the original Arnold’s set – and the archive footage from the show.


Vodpod videos no longer available.



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2 responses to “Video Killed The Radio Star: Weezer – Buddy Holly

  1. Davey Coyle

    Top video L.C. And also a great song.

  2. Yeah, I hadn’t seen it or heard the song for years. Great stuff!

    Oh, and hey… please try the fish, okay?

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