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What If… Lost Had Been Made In The 80s?

Lost is great, I trust you’ll agree. This bizarre, increasingly sci-fi drama about a group of troubled souls stranded on a mysterious, time-travelling island that is home to a monster made of smoke, a giant four-toed foot and an eternally-youthful man with a never-ending supply of eye-liner has become one of the Choob’s all-time favourite TV shows.

But much as I love Lost, there has always been one thing sadly missing from the show – a cool theme tune.

As we all know, some of the greatest theme tunes and opening title sequences are to be found in 80s TV shows.

So, put the two together and, courtesy of Weebl’s Stuff, here’s what the Lost opening titles may have looked and sounded like had the show been made a quarter of a century ago.

I want this edited into all the episodes on my Lost DVDs!

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The Choob Video-Feeds The Five Thousand…

Barely three months in and The Cathode Ray Choob passed the 5000 hits mark on Saturday.

Thanks to all who have “chooned” in so far and I hope you’ll all keep coming back for more.

I have a few additional regular features planned to start in the next few weeks. And suggestions of stuff to include in the existing features (Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day, A Word From Our Sponsors, Top Of The Pops Thursday, Classic Clip Friday and Video Killed The Radio Star) are more than welcome. Drop me a line at the address in the sidebar (or find it here) or just leave a comment on one of the posts and I’ll see it.

Thanks again and in return I give you this. You’ve probably seen it already as it is a very popular internet phenomenon (and, for once, deservedly so) but just in case you haven’t, it’s one of the most awesome and oddly inspirational little videos I’ve seen on “teh interwebs”.

Full story behind the video (and some earlier versions of the same idea) can be found at www.wherethehellismatt.com.

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