A Word From Our Sponsors… We Wanna Be Smith’s Crisps

Here’s an annoying little gem from the 1980s, advertising Smith’s Crisps (or potato chips, if you talk American).

Okay, so these squeaky-voiced singing spuds don’t quite reach the heights of artistic merit displayed by most of the other classic ads I’ve featured so far– but if you grew up in 1980s Britain, that infuriatingly irritating song – “We Wanna be… Smi-ith’s Crisps!” is sure to be forever lodged in the back of your brain, alongside Spitting Image’s Chicken Song, Annabel Croft‘s voice on Treasure Hunt and the sound of nails being scraped down a blackboard.

You know, the use of anthropomorphism in food adverts always seems slightly sinister and disturbing to me.

Singing vegetables or talking animals or skinhead breakfast cereals or organised communities of yoghurts inviting me to kill (eat) them – it’s just one step away from Douglas Adams‘s cautionary tale of the Ameglian Major Cow (right), the talking dish-of-the-day brought to your table at Milliways, The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe, begging to eaten and pointing out the choicest cuts on its own flank.

Don’t these idiot potatoes who so cheerfully sing about becoming Smith’s Crisps realise that they will be skinned alive and then cut into wafer-thin slices, before being dunked in boiling-hot fat?

But maybe that’s just me…

Anyway, here is the advert:

And here is the sequel:

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