Top Of The Pops Extra: Ultravox Live In Glasgow, April 11 2009

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To round off Ultravox Week on the Choob, here, hot off the digital press, is a selection of songs from the band’s gig at the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow on Saturday night, the second night of their Return To Eden reunion tour.

This tour marks the first time since Live Aid in 1985 that all four members of the classic 1980s line-up (Midge Ure, Billy Currie, Chris Cross and Warren Cann) have performed together. It was like they’d never been away.

Here are a few videos shot at the Glasgow gig. The sound quality is a bit variable but all in all, not so bad.

First up, Vienna:

Next, Visions In Blue:

Here is Hymn (with some, uh, astonishing backing vocals…), which is one of my favourite Ultravox songs:

This is One Small Day, another of my favourites:

Next, The Voice, the final song of the night:

The haunting sound of Lament:

And finally, Sleepwalk:

Hope you enjoyed Ultravox Week on The Cathode Ray Choob. We now return you to your regularly scheduled viewing.




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2 responses to “Top Of The Pops Extra: Ultravox Live In Glasgow, April 11 2009

  1. TBFTL

    I’ve just let Marie-Anne see your Hymn video on YouTube. I’m still trying to stop her pishing herself to your best impression of wee midge. I’ll see your reply after my fornight beside a pool al’Italia.

  2. I’m just back from holiday too, visiting Kayser and Mrs Kayser in Noo Yawk.

    But getting back to your comment, I think I understand what you mean and why you are concerned – my singing has driven your missus hysterical in the same way The Beatles used to drive women to hysterics. Sigh. It’s just a cross I have to bear.

    Don’t worry, though, I’m sure Marie-Anne will get over this little hero-worship phase… probably…

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