Video Killed The Radio Star: Jesse Rae – Over The Sea

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This is a bit of an odd one, from 1985.

Jesse Rae is a Scottish singer-songwriter whose greatest claim to fame is probably the fact that he wrote the 1982 Odyssey hit Inside Out.

However, in Scotland, he’s probably best known for his 1985 single Over The Sea, in which he appears wearing his trademark kilt, leather battle armour, warrior’s helmet and wielding his Claymore (there’s an urban legend in Scotland – which The Choob is unfortunately unable to confirm or deny – that Jesse actually dresses like this all the time, to this day).

The song barely troubled the charts (peaking at No.67), but gained a bit of a cult following in the UK when it was featured on Max Headroom‘s music video show in the early days of Channel 4.

Actually, it’s probably been at least 20 years since I last saw the video before looking it out for this week’s Video Killed The Radio Star, and had never realised back when I first saw it as a teenager that the location filming was quite so spectacular.

Part of it was filmed in the Highlands of Scotland but much of it was shot in New York city, including some stunning shots where Jesse and his band are performing on top of one of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge supports, with the Twin Towers in the background. He’s also seen dodging cars, running down the middle of Broadway in Times Square.

Not quite so stunning is the dodgy “special” effect of a Claymore flying through the air. Oh dear.

Still, this song holds a special place in the hearts of many Scots, as most of us share Jesse’s fierce pride in our homeland – and, of course, we all wish we could dress the same as him all the time.

But maybe that last bit is just me… anyway, enjoy!


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14 responses to “Video Killed The Radio Star: Jesse Rae – Over The Sea

  1. TBFTL

    Wouldn’t you agree that the special effects for the claymore looks decades more advanced than those used in Blakes 7 😉

    Tradimus Lampada

  2. Now, James, I know you are just trying to be controversial with comments such as that.

    You know as well as I do that Blake’s 7 is the best TV show ever made…

  3. TBFTL

    ….on a budget of 2 bob and a pickled egg.

  4. The secret is in the egg…

  5. TBFTL

    That’s too deep for me; you know I only operate on a shallow insult level. As per my schooling.

  6. We both went to the same school mate – I think it is more to do with your Dumbarton upbringing… 8^P

  7. dmc

    jesse rae and the thistles are playing new soul city live at the ironworks in inverness on friday the 26th of march. everybody welcome.

  8. Good to know dmc. Hope it’s a great night. Cheers!

  9. tontdoch

    I was at Jesse’s house today to do some recording.

    Yes, he still dresses the exact same and still carries his claymore.

    He has to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

  10. Fantastic! Good to know he’s never changed and spoken of so highly by those who know him.

    If you speak to him again, be sure to let him know (as I’m sure he does) that he is still fondly remembered by many of us who gre up in Scotland in the 80s.

    PS: I’d also like to know how he got permission to film on top of the Brooklyn Bridge tower as I’d imagine that even back then, it wasn’t something handed out to just anyone!

    Thanks for the comment, tontdoch, and all the best with your own music, too!

  11. Drew

    The ladies with Jesse are Samantha Swanson and Giles, who were originally in the band Hey! Elastica, an 80’s pop band from Edinburgh.

  12. Does anyone know where I can contact Giles from Hey Elastica. Or even what here real or surname was? Many thanks all.

  13. marlene

    Does anyone know who the sweet looking drummer girl is/was ?

  14. freespace

    The sweet looking drummer girl was Jessie’s wife……I once had a conversation with him about dry stane dyking….. he was very concerned that the art should not be lost…..lovely guy.

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