Video Killed The Radio Star: Star Trekkin’ – The Firm

In the week that saw the release of the new Star Trek movie, I’m afraid that there was only really one contender for today’s Video Killed The Radio Star.

Sorry, but it’s Star Trekkin’ by The Firm.

I know, I know – but, annoying as it is, it did spend two weeks at the top of the UK singles  charts and was the ninth-best selling single of 1987. So don’t blame me, blame all the saddos who bought a copy (any suggestion that the Choob not only owns a copy but has the 12-inch version will be met with a strongly-worded letter from my lawyers begging you not to tell anyone…)

However, featuring this song does give me a problem as the video (much like the song) isn’t very good at all.

Luckily, there’s a much better fan-made video that has been assembled using clips from Star Trek: TOS. So here it is (watch at your own risk – and don’t blame me if the chorus mind-melds with your brain and you can’t get it out of your head for weeks):

And, for completists, here is the original official Star Trekkin’ music video:



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3 responses to “Video Killed The Radio Star: Star Trekkin’ – The Firm

  1. checkwon

    I’m going to take your disclaimers more seriously next time. That was just soooo wrong.

  2. Well, after 22 years of the UK suffering alone with this “song”, I thought it was time for the misery to go global. You’re welcome!

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