Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day – Taxi

The Choob has already featured Jim’s driving test scene from the 70s/80s sitcom Taxi in Classic Clip Friday.

It’s one of my all-time favourite comedies and had a fantastic theme tune, so it was only a matter of time before the show also turned up on Theme Tune Tuesday.

The music was written by Bob James and is actually called Angela. It’s named after a character that cabbie Alex Reiger (Judd Hirsch) dates in the third episode of the show’s first season and was originally just a part of the incidental score for that episode but the producers liked it so much they decided to use it as the theme music for the show instead of their original choice (which was another piece of music written by James, called Touchdown).

Here are are the show’s opening titles (with the season one cast listing):

Here are the closing titles (from the season one episode which introduced guest star Christopher Lloyd as Jim Ignatowski, who would return as a regular character in season two):

And finally, here is James performing the full version of Angela live in Korea:



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4 responses to “Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day – Taxi

  1. TBFTL

    May 13th 2009 is a Wednesday, Ya Choob!

  2. Yes but the Choob is a global service provider and it was still Tuesday in many countries to the West of the Greenwich meridian when this was posted.

    Don’t be a slave to conventional spatial chronology..!

  3. TBFTL

    Would I get upset if I new what that meant?

  4. Would I ever upset you, Jim?

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