Happy Birthday Choob Me!

It’s the Choob’s birthday today (the Choob who writes and assembles all this nonsense, that is, not the blog itself) – and because I’m so generous YOU all get a present!

It’s a Top Of The Pops Extra, featuring 80s post-punk popsters Altered Images – with the ever-adorable Clare Grogan on vocals – singing (what else?) Happy Birthday.

Gorgeous Clare also, of course, starred in the film Gregory’s Girl (not to mention Red Dwarf) and I don’t know a guy from my generation who didn’t fancy her rotten – and doesn’t still!

Now, there used to be a great video of the band performing the song on Top of the Pops back in 1981 but it has become corrupted somehow and is all-but unwatchable, so here is the next best vintage “live” video, from another 1981 TOTP performance:

And as an extra-special birthday treat, to compare and contrast in a then-and-now kind of a way, here is a live (and lively!) performance by lovely Clare (now aged 47) from one of those 80s nostalgia gigs in September 2008:


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