It’s Classic Clip Friday: Father Ted – My Lovely Horse

My lovely horse (my lovely horse),
Running through the fields.
Where are you going,
with your fetlocks blowing
in the wind?

[EDIT: Click here for a My Lovely Horse footnote . Or should that be hoofnote..?]

Eleven years! Can it really be 11 years since the last episode of Father Ted aired? Eleven years since the tragic death of star Dermot Morgan at the age of just 45? Eleven years since I was still in my 20s! Where does the time go?

The sitcom, about three Catholic priests living in a parochial house on a remote Irish island, was something genuinely fresh and different when it first aired on Channel 4 back in 1995 – in fact, it could be argued that it was one of the channel’s last great comedy hits before it became over-run with reality shows and celebrity-led panel games and variety/chat shows.

There are many, many much-loved, memorable scenes from Father Ted’s three-season run but My Lovely Horse is one of the best.

The set up is that fathers Ted (Morgan) and Dougal (Ardal O’Hanlon) have decided, for reasons I won’t go in to here, to enter the contest to write Ireland’s entry for a major European television song contest.

Here are Ted and Dougal helping each other though the tricky songwriting process, with the mutual respect and selfless supportiveness you would expect from men of the cloth:

And here is their (dream) music video for the song, featuring Ted and Dougal but actually sung by The Divine Comedy‘s Neil Hannon, who also wrote the music:

Here is the complete, unmolested by TV audience laughter, version of My Lovely Horse (audio only) performed by Neil Hannon.

And here is a live performance by Mr Hannon:


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One response to “It’s Classic Clip Friday: Father Ted – My Lovely Horse

  1. ‘A song for Europe’ was my favourite episode. I never know a live version of ‘My Lovely Horse’ existed. Thanks for sharing.

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