A Word From Our Sponsors… Birds Eye Steakhouse Grills

This classic advert from the 80s, for Birds Eye Steakhouse Grills, is another of those commercials that managed the rare trick of being so memorable/catchy/annoying (delete as appropriate) that it is now part of the national consciousness of a generation of Britons.

Quite why it became so indelibly imprinted in people’s brains – you can still find random grown men and women periodically starting to hum or sing it out of the blue, for no good reason, in offices across the land – is a mystery.

The concept is simple – a group of labourers on their way home for dinner (or tea, as the Great British working classes refer to their evening meal) are so deliriously happy at the prospect off being served up a previously-frozen chunk of reshaped processed meat that they speculate in song (to the tune of Que Sera, Sera) about what the side dish might be.

Obviously, being working class, they all dismiss the likes of salad or mushrooms or frozen peas and instead “hope it’s chips, it’s chips… we hope it’s chips, it’s chips…”

Outdated (even for the 80s) class stereotypes aside, it’s arguably actually quite a clever and certainly a very catchy song.

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