It’s Classic Clip Friday: Blake’s 7 – A Dead End

As I may have previously mentioned, Blake’s 7 is my all-time favourite TV show.

I won’t repeat all the reasons why I still think so highly of this 31-year-old TV show – you can find some of them here.

The show ran for four seasons (the final two without Blake, as actor Gareth Thomas left the show after season two) and while the fourth season was a bit disappointing in comparison to what had gone before, the final episode went some way towards redeeming it by delivering one of the most shocking, powerful and gut-wrenchingly tragic series finales ever screened.

You’ll find the final few minutes of the final episode in the clip below. The story of the episode so far is that Kerr Avon (Paul Darrow), who has been leading the group of freedom fighters in their battle against the evil Federation in Blake’s absence, thinks he has finally tracked Blake down. The crew set out to find their missing leader but as they approach the planet he is thought to be hiding on, their ship is attacked and crashes.

Most of the crew teleport off before the impact, taking supercomputer Orac with them, leaving only pilot Tarrant (Steven Pacey) to go down with the ship. Injured but alive, he is discovered by a badly scarred Blake, who offers to take him to safety.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew (Avon, Vila (Michael Keating), Dayna (Josette Simon) and Soolin (Glynis Barber)) home in on Blake’s suspected location…



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3 responses to “It’s Classic Clip Friday: Blake’s 7 – A Dead End

  1. jim

    Your right without a doubt Blake’s 7 & Star Trek (60’2) the best two I cant quite get to the point of choosing between then so they are a joint No 1

  2. I do like Star Trek – I remember watching TOS when I was a nipper, though TNG is my favourite version.

    But Blake’s 7 has always been my number one show.

    Cheers for taking the time to comment. Always appreciated.

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