Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day – Red Dwarf

I remember very clearly when Red Dwarf started – because I hated it.

I was in second year at university and had just been introduced to the internet and, after the first episode, I remember arguing with a number of people on various USENET newsgroups about the show’s complete lack of humour and artistic merit. I avoided the show after that.

But then, a couple of years later, for some reason, I happened to catch the first episode of season three and could not believe the leap in quality. So, mea culpa, I got it wrong. I still think season one is a little weak in places but seasons two through five were outstanding.

Here is the the low-key, somewhat haunting opening title sequence that was used during seasons one and two:

From season three on, coinciding with a boost in the show’s production values in general, a more upbeat, action-packed title sequence was used, which had a rock music-style, faster-tempo version of the theme tune accompanying clips of scenes from the current season.

Here is the season three version:

This was season four’s, which I think is the best of the lot:

And here is season five, the last truly great season of the show, as the quality started to slide from season six on:

And finally, here are the closing credits, which include the lyrics to the Red Dwarf theme and which remained fairly constant throughout the show’s eight-season run:

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