Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day – Grange Hill

The Choob was still at primary school when Grange Hill started on BBC1 in 1978 and the twice-weekly high-school drama was part of my young life for a decade or so before I grew out of it.

The show ran for an astonishing 30 years (601 episodes!) before it was finally cancelled in 2008.

Created by writer Phil Redmond, who would later launch soaps Brookside and Hollyoaks, Grange Hill was revolutionary in its day for introducing a more realistic, gritty style of children’s drama, ultimately featuring storylines tackling subjects such as bullying, racism, drug abuse, rape and suicide.

The show’s original theme tune (used for the first 12 seasons) was a piece of music called Chicken Man, written by Alan Hawkshaw (which was later also used, in a more low-key arrangement, as the theme to ITV’s charades-based panel game Give Us A Clue). It was accompanied by animated comic-style images to create an opening title sequence that has become a TV legend.

Here are those opening titles in full:

Here is an extended version of the music:


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