A Word From our Sponsors… P-P-P-Pick Up A Penguin

If you feel a little p-peckish, p-p-p-pick up a Penguin!

A few facts about Penguins of the biscuit-y variety.

Penguins are chocolate-covered sandwich biscuits filled with a chocolate-flavoured filling.

The Aussies ripped them off and called them Tim Tams.

The Penguin was invented in Glasgow in 1932.

The Choob, your scribe, was also invented in Glasgow – many, MANY years later.

The Penguin is made by McVitie’s, which is part of United Biscuits.

The Choob once applied for a graduate training job at United Biscuits and went for an interview at their factory in Glasgow. I didn’t get the job.

Anyway, back in the 1970s, Penguin adverts followed a simple formula. Crowds of penguins, which everyone loves, and a catchy little jingle, sung by comic actor Derek Nimmo, I believe. Here are a couple of variations on the theme.

First, the Penguins play golf:

And here the Penguins go to the funfair:

And, yes, at around the 7-second mark, you did indeed see a penguin riding on a diddybus… 



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2 responses to “A Word From our Sponsors… P-P-P-Pick Up A Penguin

  1. Used to love these ads as a kid. Loved the bars too!

  2. My grandma invented the slogan ‘P-P-P- Pick up a penguin’ for a competition back in the day.
    She’s 83.

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