Top Of The Pops Thursday: Deacon Blue – Dignity

I do have a bit of a soft spot for Glasgow band Deacon Blue, without them ever quite making it onto my own personal A-list.

For a start, they’re a great live band, who really know how to get the crowd going. As far as their music goes, I always thought they wrote some excellent, catchy singles, but found their album tracks a little mundane in comparison – though there’s no denying that their first album, Raintown, released in 1987, was an exceptionally impressive debut.

And, from that album, Dignity remains their best-loved song, telling the story of a humble but proud street sweeper who dreams of saving up to buy himself a boat he’ll call “Dignity” and sailing off to a better life.

Here is a performance recorded at Glasgow’s SECC in, I believe 1989 (preceded by a cover of the Randy Newman song Sail Away). As you will see, it’s a long-observed tradition that the crowd sings the first verse.

And here, to compare and contrast, is a more recent, post-split up and reformation performance of Dignity, filmed at Glasgow’s Carling Academy in November 2006. I looks like a semi-official bootleg (the video is also on the official Deacon Blue website along with others):



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