Doctor Who – First Photos From The Season Five Set And The New TARDIS

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UPDATE: MARCH 30, 2010 – Click here for the first official photos of the new TARDIS interior!

UPDATE: MARCH 19, 2010Click here to see Inside Doctor Who’s New TARDIS.


The first pictures have emerged, courtesy of Blogtor Who, from today’s first day of filming on the set of Doctor Who season five.

Here are Matt Smith and Scottish actress Karen Gillan as the 11th Doctor and his new companion Amy Pond, standing in front of the new-look TARDIS exterior.

Hmmm… I know that the new series of Doctor Who is the first to be filmed in High Definition, and so – as I mentioned in this blog post – a new TARDIS exterior had to be built because the improved HD picture quality would have show up all the wear and tear and defects in the old one – but I can’t help thinking that the new TARDIS looks too shiny and, well, new.

It’s supposed to look a bit battered and battle-scarred, is it not, having been through so much during the Doctor’s lifetimes?

This one looks like it just dematerialised from the showroom!

Anyway, Blogtor Who also had a spoiler of sorts about a returning character from the Doctor’s recent past.

Don’t scroll down any further if you don’t want to know who is returning.

I mean it – there’s a photo and everything.

Last chance…

Yes, it appears that former ER star Alex Kingston is returning as River Song.

You will recall that she appeared in the season four episodes Silence In The Library and Forest Of The Dead, written by Steven Moffat, in which she recognised the 10th Doctor and seemed to have quite detailed and possibly intimate knowledge about him, his past and his future – even though he had no idea who she was.

Since Moffat is the new showrunner, taking over from Russell T Davies, it makes sense that he would bring her back for his first episode(s) in charge.

Will her appearance in season five reveal River’s first meeting (from her point of view) with The Doctor? Time will tell.

Many more photos from the first day of shooting can be found on Blogtor Who here, here and here.


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11 responses to “Doctor Who – First Photos From The Season Five Set And The New TARDIS

  1. TBFTL

    Obviously you’re more of a sado than me, but were the original Police boxes not made of cast Iron and then superceded by wood? Does this then give an idea to the actual age of the doctor?

  2. Well, I don’t know what real police boxes were made of through the ages but I’m pretty sure that the Tardis (the prop) has always been made of wood.

    As to it giving an idea of the age of the doctor, I believe it has been established that he is 900-odd. Although, in face, it’s a little bit more complicated than that:

    I’ve always thought that the reason the TARDIS looks the way it does is that the Chameleon Circuit broke after he landed in London in (presumably) the early 60s (prior to the show’s first episode in 1963) and it took the shape of a police box of that vintage to blend in.

  3. The exterior of the TARDIS has changed slightly over the years with minor alterations here and there. I quite like this one, it seems to be based on the original 1963 one.

    It does look very shiny and new but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Smith will have to portray a very different Doctor to Tennant’s portrayal if he is going to be successful in his own right.

    Good luck to him; those are big shoes to fill!

  4. Yeah, you’re absolutely right about it apparently being based more on the very first TV version of the TARDIS – however, I can’t help but think that the reason that one was such a dark blue was that it had to be to show up clearly in black and white.

    When the show went colour, the TARDIS was clearly a lighter blue and has been that way ever since, which is the colour police boxes have always been in my lifetime (admittedly I wasn’t around in 1963, so can’t say what they were like back then!).

    Regardless of the colour, I STILL think that it looks too shiny and new – the TARDIS has always been a bit weather-beaten and battle-scarred to reflect all that it has been through in its (hunderds of?) years on the run with The Doctor.

  5. Middnite03

    Actually if you remember the 6th dr. episode, attack of the cybermen, he fixed the Chameleon circuit. It changed into an organ, and a modern phone booth, and then he changed it back into a police call box himself. So assuming that everything is the same, it still can change, he just don;t want it to….

  6. Yeah, I did remember that sometime aroung the Davison/ Colin Baker eras that the chameleon circuit had been repaired and the TARDIS briefy changed shape, but couldn’t remember why it ended up back as the blue police box – thought maybe it had broken down again. I guess that it makes sense that it might change a little when the Doctor regenerates to reflect his new tastes but that he keeps it as a blue police box for sentimental reasons.

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  8. sam

    The original police boxes were, in fact, made of concrete, within a wooden frame (hence why some aspects look wooden).

    This is the main reason why so few original boxes now exist: when they were de-comissioned they were physically smashed apart, broken up, for removal.

  9. Initially the TARDIS props were made from wood, however they transitioned to fibreglass models to allow them to dismantle and transport the props.

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