The Monday Movie – Jaws

“I’ll never wear a lifejacket again…”

There are many, many reasons to admire Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.

But for me, the main attraction is the fantastic chemistry and interaction between the three main stars and their characters – Robert Shaw‘s Quint, Roy Scheider‘s police chief Martin Brody and Richard Dreyfuss‘ marine biologist Matt Hooper.

The most intriguing character of that trinity is undoubtedly Robert Shaw’s enigmatic, world-weary shark-hunter Quint, a grizzled old sea-dog with an Ahab-esque obsession with the creatures.

The root of this obsession is revealed in this chilling monologue about the fate of the USS Indianapolis, a story rendered all the more powerful by the fact that it was based on a real incident (albeit the filmmakers used a little artistic licence to tweak the facts):



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6 responses to “The Monday Movie – Jaws

  1. mcarteratthemovies

    “Jaws” is one of those movies that deserves to be considered a classic because it has survived all the hype surrounding it. It’s just as good as everyone claims it is. In an age where most movies are overacted, overdone and overhyped, that’s something.

    M. Carter at the Movies

  2. The Cathode Ray Choob

    Can’t argue with any of that – though, of course, the irony is that as the movie that really invented the modern trend of blockbuster hype, Jaws is indirectly to blame for all those many, many movies that fail to live up to said hype.

    But I think we can forgive it. 8^)

    Cheers for the comment. Like your blog! I’ve added a link.

  3. TBFTL

    Farewell and adieu to you, Spanish Ladies……..

    What a scene! I’m nearly in agreement with you ya big tool.

  4. Show me the way to go home…

    41 years, Jim, and finally you are starting to see the light!

  5. 100% Tomato rating and holding strong! I adore this movie, and the trivia surrounding it. Robert Shaw rules!

  6. What makes a work of art (painting, music, film, sculpture, literature, or whatever) a good one?

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