A Word From Our Sponsors… Yorkie

Rowntree’s of York caused a bit of a stir back in 1976 when they launched Yorkie, the first chocolate bar aimed explicitly at male consumers.

It was bigger, chunkier… and frankly inferior to the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk it was primarily competing against.

But still, with a clever, memorable, targeted advertising campaign, it proved a hit.

Here is that trucker-based original advert which, with it’s catchy country music-esque song, is instantly recognisable to those of us who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s:

Here’s a similar, but crappier, follow-up, which replaces the western-style music with a sort of power-rock ballad:

More recently, Yorkie relaunched and made the men-only theme much more explicit by adopting the catchline “Not For Girls” and including a no-girls symbol on the wrapper. Here are a couple of funny adverts that plays with that idea:

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