It’s Classic Clip Friday: Superstars – Kevin Keegan’s Bike Crash

I can’t tell you what a traumatic impression this week’s classic clip made on the young Choob.

It comes from a 1976 edition of the UK version of Superstars, a fondly-remembered 1970s/80s game show in which some of the biggest sporting heroes of the day competed against each other in a variety of sporty challenges.

Yes, it’s the infamous moment when football legend Kevin Keegan, then at his peak playing football for Liverpool and England, fell off his bike and skidded several yards across a gravel track on his back. Ooyah!

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a house right next to a big gravel football pitch – and so, as a result, I had permanent gravel rash for most of my childhood – but Keegan’s bike crash really horrified me as a kid and is burned into my memory.

Like I said, I was very young when I saw it, seven or eight, and I certainly can’t picture scenes from any other TV shows or events I last saw in 1976 – yet, even though I had not seen this clip for over three decades before looking for it for this feature, it was all pretty much exactly as I remembered it.

Here it is, in all it’s gruesome glory:

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