The Monday Movie – This Is Spinal Tap

“I think that the problem may have been that there was a Stone’enge monument on the stage that was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf…”

Even after a quarter of a century, Rob Reiner‘s 1984 spoof documentary – the, if you will, ‘rockumentary’ – This Is Spinal Tap remains the pinnacle of the ‘mockumetary‘ art form.

Christopher Guest, who played intellectually-challenged Nigel Tufnel in the film, and many of his Tap co-stars – including Harry Shearer, who played bassist Derek Smalls and Michael McKean, who played singer David St Hubbins –  have continued to explore the genre, with great success, in films such as Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show and A Mighty Wind.

But really, This Is Spinal Tap is so perfect, so beautifully well observed and so authentically preposterous, yet true to the subject matter it is sending up, it is hard to imagine any mock-doc ever surpassing it.

It’s hard to choose just one scene to present as the best of the film – there are dozens to choose from, some lasting just seconds. And, in fact, if you have the DVD, there are over an hour of excellent deleted scenes that are better than anything that makes the cut in many Hollywood comedies.

However, I’m going to go with the Stonehenge scene. It’s so brilliant, so funny and so memorable that I can no longer hear anyone mention Stonehenge or see a reference to it in print without saying “Stone’enj” out loud in a Nigel Tufnel-style mock-cockney accent.



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