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It’s Classic Clip Friday: Cheers – The Kelly Song And Other Stuff

So, not much to say by way of an intro this week, since the clips come from arguably the all-time greatest American sitcom – Cheers.

Here’s one of the show’s best-remembered and best-loved moments – Woody performing the song he wrote his rich, snooty girlfriend Kelly for her birthday, since he couldn’t afford to buy her a Pressie.

Yes, it’s The Kelly Song:

Next, the rhythm method, Cheers-style:

Sam and Diane get physical:

In this clip, Frasier and Robin Colcord get into a monologuing duel as they offer Woody advice about auditioning for an acting role:

And finally… in an attempt to become more likable, Cliff gets himself wired up to receive an electric shock every time he says something rude or obnoxious:


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