Top Of The Pops Thursday: Phil Lynott And Gary Moore – Out In The Fields

When I was a student, shortly after the late, great Phil Lynott had died, a friend once told me a fantastic story about him.

He had turned up in a pub somewhere and was very friendly and happy to give autographs and sign albums. Everyone in the pub was running home to get their Thin Lizzy albums for him to sign – but one enterprising soul went home and brought back a copy of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds, on which Lynott had performed the role of Parson Nathaniel. There can’t be many copies of that album signed by Phil Lynott out there.

Anyway, Top Of The Pops Thursday has already featured a live performance of Parisienne Walkwaysby Lynott’s childhood friend and longtime musical collaborator Gary Moore at a 2005 Phil Lynott memorial concert and this week, we have the pair’s final collaboration, the single Out In The Fields, a song about The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Dating from May 1985, this clip is one of Lynott’s final live TV performances, possibly his last ever. I remember watching it when it first aired – it was on a short-lived Channel 4 music show devoted to hard rock/heavy metal which aired, I think, early evenings on a Friday and was called ECT.

It’s another one of those songs which, while outstanding in its own right, for me is all the more important because it also really evokes memories of a great time in my life.

Look out for Moore’s short but awesome guitar solo, one of his best. 

And because the sound quality, while listenable, isn’t the best on the live performance (having been ripped from a 24-year-old VCR recording), here is a bonus – the original video for the song:


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