Saturday Stuff: Surfing The ‘Net, 1964-style…

Now, I know what you’re thinking… this is just too geeky to possibly be good for you.

It is, after all, a grown man getting all enthusiastic and excited about the prospect of trying to get a computer modem from 1964 to work on the internet of 2009.

Maybe it’s because the Choob, for all his carefully cultivated facade of youthful, hip coolness (well, as cool and hip and anyone who still uses the words “cool” and “hip” can be), has been bouncing around online for 23 years now, dating back to the pre-web days when the internet was entirely made of bright green numbers and letters on a black background.

And that was loooooong before The Matrix made green computer characters on a black background cool and, uh, hip.

But open your mind to the wonder of the electronic age, embrace your inner geek and you can’t fail to be impressed by this little experiment.

Just take look at the lump of plastic that calls itself a modem that’s sitting beside your computer – now look at the the modem in this video: the hand-crafted wooden construction, the leather handle, the brass fittings… it’s a thing of beauty.

Sure, your lump of plastic is a gazillion times faster but will anyone be making videos about getting one of them to work 45 years from now?

That’s how old the modem is. It’s older than me and, in all likelihood, older than you. It may well be the oldest functioning modem in the world. Now, if that doesn’t seem even just a little bit wondrous to you, well… you need to stay in more!

If you are interested in more technical details about the modem (it’s a Livermore Data Systems Model A, by the way) and getting it to work, check out this blog entry by the guy in the video.


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  1. Yesss its very old and looks ages away. Computer and internet has been run and spin more and more fast and they also spinned and changed this world.

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