The Monday Movie – Dead Poets Society

“Oh, captain! My captain!”

I still remember the first time I saw Dead Poets Society, at the cinema in 1989 when it was first released.

It’s still one of the most genuinely moving and truly inspirational films I’ve ever seen.

At the time, it was a refreshing change from the usual Hollywood offerings that are dripping with contrived, sickly-sweet false sentimentality. Nowadays, it also serves as a reminder of how good Robin Williams could be with a decent script and a director who can reign in his wilder, more self-indulgent and over-the-top excesses.

Dead Poets Societyis full of memorable moments, none moreso that this final scene, which takes place after unorthodox, progressive, free-thinking and inspirational teacher John Keating (Williams)  is made into the scapegoat for a pupil’s suicide, when in fact it was the boy’s overbearing father that drove him to it.


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