The Monday Movie – Angel Heart

“You know, some religions think the egg is the symbol of the soul… did you know that?”
“No, I didn’t know that.”
“… Would you like an egg?”

Mickey Rourke is enjoying something of a career resurgence at the moment but, for me, this week’s Monday Movie is, and likely always will be, his finest film.

From 1987, it’s Angel Heart, written and directed by Alan Parker (based on the novel Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg).

Set  in 1955, Rourke plays Harry Angel, a down-on-his-luck, seedy New York private eye hired by the mysterious Louis Cyphre (Robert De Niro) to find a popular singer called Johnny Favorite, who owes him a debt but disappeared after being injured during the war.

This film was made in the three or four-year period in the mid-80s when De Niro made few movies, and when he did, he only appeared in roles that amounted to little more than cameos, albeit very eye-catching, scene-stealing ones.

Louis Cyphre was arguably the best of those and this is the defining scene from that film, as De Niro’s playful, quietly menacing performance slowly builds the tension until it is unbearable and, while foreshadowing the horror that is to come.

You’ll never look at a boiled egg the same way again…



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2 responses to “The Monday Movie – Angel Heart

  1. TBFTL

    I personally believe the best scene from that movie is the one with Lisa Bonet washing her hair.

    Oh Yes!

  2. That’s a different sort of eggs entirely that you’re interested in…

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