Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day – The Adventures Of Rupert Bear

This week’s classic theme tune offers another blast from the Choob’s past – in fact it may possibly be my earliest TV memory.

It’s the awesome theme song from The Adventures Of Rupert Bear, the first TV show based on the Daily Express comic strip character – who will celebrate his 89th birthday on Sunday – created by Mary Tourtel.

The puppet-based TV show originally ran for four seasons (a total of 156 11-minute episodes) between 1970 and 1974 but was repeated throughout much of the decade.

The theme song, written by Ron Roker and Len Beadle, was sung by Beadle’s wife, Irish singer Jackie Lee, who two years earlier, under the name Jacky, had also provided the vocals on the theme song for the UK translation of the Yugoslavian/German kids’ show The White Horses, which often tops polls of the greatest TV themes. The Rupert theme was released as a single and reached number 14 in the UK charts.

Here are the opening titles:

And the closing titles:

And, as a special treat, here is “live” TV performance of the complete theme song by Lee on classic crossbow-themed game show The Golden Shot (health and safety would never allow that these days, dammit), introduced by the late, great Bob Monkhouse:

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